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Commodore's pictures

The founder Jack Tramiel
Chuck Peddle's biography from PET to Sirius I peddle.gif (30908 byte)
Carl Sassenrath, has worked for HP and Apple, but is well known for having designed and built the SO Amiga kernel.
An interview.
His site (Visited the 04 october 2017)
The first set of Commodore computers, PETs (Personal Electronic Transactor), some PET brochures. PET series

PET 2001

PET 64

PET 64


PET 3008

PET 3032

  pet4016m.jpg (3810 byte)

PET 4016

PET 8032




VIC 20 is the first of a long series. Right the first model.
We are at the end of 1980, rumors of a new low-cost and color computer!

Vic 1001

We are in mid 1981, now the Vic 20 is coming.

Vic 1001 - 2

Commodore 64.
The first on the top left is the first version, on the top right there is the second version, the bottom one in the 128 format.
All Commodore 64 models
Commodore 64 Commodore 64
  sx64m.jpg (4139 byte)







Plus 4

Prototypes, here we see two prototypes based on the C-128.

A C128 with a 1581

C128 with floppy drive

Perhaps the most interesting prototype, a hundred were made.


Commodore Max, introduced in 1982, was in direct competition with Intellivision and Odissey, with a membrane keyboard going out only on the Japanese market, that year the C-64 will be released.

Max (VC10)


Commodore LCD

Commodore 116


Commodore 264

Commodore 364

The Amiga series

Amiga 1000

Amiga 2000


Amiga 500

Amiga 600


Amiga 3000

a4000tm.gif (8621 byte)

Amiga 4000

Last attempts



With the release of the C128, it just seemed that the Commodore wanted to disrupt both the Apple Computer and IBM, but it just did not go that way...

The message is clear, the apple is Apple's well-known symbol, and the hat is Chaplin's, which at that time advertised the IBM PC.