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Sinclair PC200

by Andrea Fogli

The PC 200 was a pale attempt by Amstrad / Sinclair to earn a slice of the already flourishing PC market. Released in 1988, this odd copy of PCs had to load the operating system, DOS 3.0, and a graphical environment called GEM through diskettes supplied with the computer.

Strangely enough, as the PC did not have the hard disk, but it could be connected to the TV and could also be programmed through the GW Basic, always supplied in the box.

Needless to say, the sales of such a car were simply inconclusive.

However, for collectors, one of the most difficult Sinclair computers to find, soon after the ZX 80 and the MK 14, and the most sought after.

Tech specs:*

RAM 512 Kb
CPU  8086 at 8 Mhz
Keyboard 102 keys
Mouse interface  
Joystick interface standard analogic at 15 pin
Floppy Disk Drive One 3.5" unit 720 Kb internal. Port for an external 5.25" drive 360 Kb, or 3.5" 720 Kb
Grafic adapter:  TTL 9 Pin type D monitor output and TV tuner PAL. CGA display capabilities for color monitors or MDAs for monochrome displays
Parallel port:  Standard Centronics 25 pin type D
Serial Port RS232 Standard connector type D
Expansion Slot 2 slot 8 bit full size
Operating Sistem MS-DOS 3.0
Additional Software GEM/3 from Digital Research © and Microsoft © GW-BASIC

*=The technical data has been extracted from the book "User Manual and Guide to MS-DOS and GEM / 3" © Copyright 1988, AMSTRAD plc. All rights reserved.