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Sir Clive Sinclair clive_youngm.jpg (5297 byte) Sir Clive Sinclair
ZX80 the first product that gave it popularity zx80m.jpg (12705 byte)
ZX81 is a success that continues ZX 81
ZX Spectrum, the evolution ZX Spectrum Sir Clive Sinclair
Sinclair's most successful computer is definitely the ZX Spectrum, the most beloved is perhaps the first, the small one with the rubber keys
A comparative advertisement!
Followed by the ZX Spectrum + that has the same technical characteristics as the previous one, it only changed the keyboard that became QL-like. Then the moment of the ZX Spectrum + 128K, first released in Spain, causes an agreement between Sinclair and the British stores ...
ZX Spectrum + 128K, this is a very rare model (even the photo!), Because it was in production for a very short time, replaced immediately by ZX Spectrum +2
Picture from Marco Ceredi

Picture from Marco Ceredi
ZX Spectrum + 2, the recorder included in the keyboard appears, but by now the Sinclair has already been acquired by Amstrad. ZX Spectrum, speccy for friends, will conclude his career with ZX Spectrum +3.
ZX Spectrum + 3, this version shows the 3" floppy disk.".
ZX Spectrum +3 advertising
QL, the big jump QL

An article about the QL
Some ads
The microdrive
The weird printer, ZX Printer
The gun for video games
Z88, once again, the precursor of the times.

The presentation
X1, the world's smallest FM radio.
Z1, even smaller
Picture from Andrea Fogli
MTV1, with a flat screen. Thanks to a particular technique.
Picture from Andrea Fogli
The Black Watch
Ecco Sir Clive Sinclair on the C5

Mr. Andrea Fogli kindly sent me the following pictures:

QL complete
QL printer
A likely ZX Spectrum clone, made for disabled people.
PC 200, a pc clone from Amstrad/Sinclair.
The mini radio next to a 1000 lire coin

Mk 14