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All models (or almost) of the Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 (C64) is the most sold computer in the history of computers. How many peolple had started to use computer just with this "big keyboard"! How many  reviews, cassettes and books has been products for this computer!
It was simple to set up and therefore it was  so popular, with many software to use and people to play with and have support.

The C64 have had a long life, during this period it has been updated, so see with pictures his evolution.

First series


It's the classic format, with the cabinet beige, note that the logo Commodore is on a silver label.

Second series:

This is the most sold and th emost known. Note the Commodore logo that now is colored. In Germany it is produced a special edition for the milionth C64 sold. It's cabinet is painted in gold color, we are in december 5, 1986:

With the birth, in 1985, of the Commodore 128 (C128),  the C64's design is updated, now it has a cabinet that seems that of his newer brother the C128.

In 1987 arrived the G version, the look is similar to the original C64 but is all white:

This is the C64 realized in Australia, it seems a mix between the first series and the C.

C64 australian edition

Now is the turn of the trasportable version of the C64, the SX64. The monitor, the floppy and the keyboard are present in a cabinet very little.

Now we go on with some strange machine. The PET64:

It's a strange computer, it has a C64 keyboard and a cabinet like the big PET8032.
Follows, in 1990, the 64Game System:

In practice is the C64 without the keyboard, Commodore try to keep alive his machine. At the end, in 1995, ...:

The C65 is a prototype, Commodore was working about this computer to respond to its concurrents like Sinclair QL, but the project will not become a reality. The c65 is produced in only few pieces.

Some technical characteristics of the C65:

CPU CSG 4510 3.54 Mhz (seems to be a 65c02 evolution).
RAM 128Kb - 8Mb
ROM 128Kb
Graphics 320 x 200 to 1280 x 400 palette 4096 colors
Text 25 x 80 columns
Audio 6 voices stereo

The last C64 will be sold in 1992, after ten years comes out of the scene.