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Product Review: POLY-88 by Jef Raskin

I have published a number of magazines in this last period.
I usually browse all magazines that are public in search of articles, photos and advertising.

This time I found, on Dr. Dobb's Journal of 1977 November / December, a Jef Raskin article that tests the Poly 88 of Polymorphic Systems.
The article itself is interesting because it speaks of a little known machine, but in the article Raskin also speaks of the Altair 8800 and the IMSAI 8080.

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The Mac is Here

The Making of Macintosh (Part 4)

Based on “Apple Confidential 2.0” by Owen W. Linzmayer

1000BiT - Macintosh 128 MacWorld

« The Mac is meant to supplant the PC on the desks of corporate America, just as the PC supplanted our own Apples over the last 18 months. » John Sculley

« Adam Osborne (founder of Osborne Computer Corp, editor’s note) is always dumping on Apple. […] He started getting under   my collar so much that I told him, ‘Adam, [the Mac]'s so good that even after it puts your company out of business, you’ll still want to go out and buy it for your kids’.» Steve Jobs

Finally, after spending $78 million in development costs, Apple introduced the Macintosh to a packed house at the annual shareholder meeting held in the Flint Center at De Anza College on January 24, 1984. [more]

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Steve Jobs makes his way onto the Mac team

The Making of Macintosh (Part 3)

Based on “Apple Confidential 2.0” by Owen W. Linzmayer

1000BiT - Jobs in pixel

« [Jobs] would try to push himself into everything. No matter what you were doing, he had to have something to do with it. Nobody of Apple wanted him involved with their projects. I had started the Macintosh team and we didn’t want him either. » Jef Raskin

« The standard way [Jobs] operated was picking your brain. He would immediately poo-poo the idea, then a week later, he’d come back and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a great idea!’ The idea that he gave back to you was your own. We called him the Reality Distortion Field. » Jef Raskin

In September 1980, the board of directors wanted to cancel the Macintosh project to concentrate on getting the Lisa project under control, but Raskin pleaded for and won a three-month reprieve. [more]

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The Perfect Balance between Price and Performance

The Making of Macintosh (Part 2)

Based on “Apple Confidential 2.0” by Owen W. Linzmayer

1000BiT - Ufficio con Macintosh

Every feature of the Mac required a trade-off between price and performance.

By September 27, 1979, a preliminary cost investigation revealed that Raskin’s proposed Macintosh by no means could sell for the initial target price of $500. A more realistic figure was $1500 for a fully loaded Mac. On October 2, Jobs told Raskin: “Don’t worry about price, just specify the computer’s abilities”. [more]

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The True Father of the Macintosh

The Making of Macintosh (Part 1)

Based on “Apple Confidential 2.0” by Owen W. Linzmayer

1000BiT - Jeff Raskin


Steve Jobs and the Macintosh are inextricably linked in the minds of most people. So it may come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that the Mac was not his idea at all. In fact, he actually wanted to kill the project in its infancy. Luckily for Apple and millions of dedicated Mac users everywhere, he wasn’t successful.

The true father of the Macintosh was Jeffrey Frank “Jef” Raskin, a professor turned computer consultant. In the spring of 1979, Jobs was still working on the Lisa, a more business oriented PC, but the company was looking for a lower- cost product than the Apple II which was selling for more than $1000.

« […], there was this thing that I’d be dreaming of for some time which I called Macintosh. The biggest thing about it was that it would be designed from a human factors perspective, which at that time was totally incomprehensible. » Jef Raskin.


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What Makes a Computer Smart?

Welcome to the Micro Age Part 3

1000BiT - Byte Shopper

« Let us for a moment consider the microcomputer as a creature of awareness.

Without certain electronic components present in a computer to make it respond to the human user, it would seem dumb indeed. Content to blink its lights at you forever, the computer won’t even acknowledge your presence unless it has been programmed to do so.

One reason for this is that the majority of microprocessors do not have a built-in memory; calculations can be done, but other devices must be attached to the processor so that the results can be remembered, recalled and displayed for use by humans. The bare-bones computer has awareness but no understanding or learned memory. [more]

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What can a computer system do?


 « A computer can perform arithmetic and logic (decision-making) operations and communicate the results to other devices more easily accessible to humans, such as a TV screen or typewriter.

A computer follows commands (called “software”) given it by its operator. Connected to electronic memory banks and peripheral devices such as a printer, modifies TV set and magnetic disk recorder, the computer is capable of performing complex tasks such as maintaining a current inventory, text editing, computing personal taxes, playing Star Trek or Chess, and even creating unique music and graphic compositions. Recent advances allow microcomputers to even talk and understand vocal commands.


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The Dawn of the Age of Personal Computing


1000BiT - Byte shopper

Nowadays we are so accustomed to carrying tiny but powerful computers in our pockets (i.e. our smartphones), that we may forget about the time when computers could fill entire rooms and had a significantly lower computing power than a single iPhone.

The history of the personal computer as mass-market consumer electronic devices effectively started in 1977 with the introduction of microcomputers.

Now I would like to go back to that exciting time, the late seventies, when personal computers first appeared on the scene and take a closer look at how journalists, who witnessed firsthand the transition, introduced this affordable new technology to the public and explained its immense potential. Here follows an extract from the magazine "Byte Shopper", Spring 1978, Issue N. 3:


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Our new mascot is born, Bitto

His name may sound weird: "Bitto", as bit in Japanese or as the name of a cheese.
What do you think of our mascot?

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A new beginning

I would like to start writing on my blog again, hopefully this time I will publish new content more regularly. I have just renovated our website, there is still a lot of work to do though.

If you want to write an article about your favorite obsolete computer or about the history of computer science, I would be happy to publish it here on my blog. See you soon!

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The world is moving so fast ! New technologies are being developed everyday... such at a fast pace that we really can't  appreciate the full potential of each and every new technology. Bluetooh, usb, firewire, wi-fi, adsl, hdsl, shdsl, mp3, divx... and so on. Are we sure that, before we develop a new technology, we have reached the full maturity of the old one ?
I don't think it's so. [more]

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One of the first Fortran programs.
The following program, written by Backus, is taken from the programmer's FORTRAN manual. The program reads N numbers and calculates the maximum. [more]

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Have you ever thought about icons ?

Yes those little pictures that are everywhere on your virtual desktop.
Take a time machine and go back about 20 years, go back to 1984. There were a lot of Apple //, C64, TRS80, Atari 400... everyone with their blinking cursor...

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We are all a little more poor

Recently Alan Shugart has left us.
And we all have lost something.

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Apple and the clones

In this period I am reading books on the history of the Apple.

The books in this case are iWoz, Revolution in the Valley and Apple Confidential 2.0. Between the many vicissitudes and anecdotes that the books have told there is the regarding part the position of the Apple and the world of the clones. The facts, we are in the middle of the 90s and the Apple is in one of its black crises, Spindler is the CEO and decides to open the Mac world to the clones, new societies are founded, ready to produce Mac clones. On Apple 2,0 Condifential there's even the letter of Bill Gates asking to Apple to bring its O.S. on other platforms. In short, the outcome is a true disaster, the clones begin to subtract quotas from Apple instead of expanding the Mac presence in the market. Amelio before and Jobs then, with a stratagem succeed to block the agreements taken from Spindler. The agreement was with OS 7.0 and its successors, so instead of the 7.7 Mac Os 8.0 is born! And the attempt of Mac clone dies here.

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1000BiT's blog

Today starts1000BiT's blog.

We have implemented this new area to allow all of you that want to write and to partecipate to the life of this site. The aim of the blog is to collect all your stories and anectodes about vintage computing.
If there is the need to open a new section, we already have the code and a lot of space Smile.
Currently we don't know often we will be able to write something new, but we will do our best to keep this section alive.
The 1000BiT Team

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The Perfect Balance between Price and Performance
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The True Father of the Macintosh
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What Makes a Computer Smart?
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What can a computer system do?
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The Dawn of the Age of Personal Computing
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Our new mascot is born, Bitto
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A new beginning
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We are all a little more poor
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Apple and the clones
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1000BiT's blog
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